Lures By Adam Vines Last summer’s fishing failures dangled from trees: a Rapala and Jitterbug a stand of privet paid for, half-ounce jigs with rubber skirts and jelly worms with wide-gap hooks on ten-pound test we tithed with overzealous casts at bass. Then off we’d go (our stringers bare) to find a yard to cut, […]


Rance by John Bennett Rance came out of a hard nap to a ringing phone. It’s a woman saying in her usual highly-intelligent state of confusion that never fails to cast a spell over him something about missed phone calls and a supper invitation. After he hangs up the realization comes over him that what […]

Monday’s Laundry

Monday’s Laundry by Frank Scarangello How white Monday’s laundry against a bright blue sky of summer hung from a clothesline stretching from a third floor window to a telephone pole watching grandma hang the clothes my feet pushing on the treadle while sitting at her ancient sewing machine “Non giocare con la machina!” Her wrinkled […]