must be the devil

Coefficient of relationship

By Halifax

must be the devil
that slices babies off
the cord that attaches
mother to their bellies

must be the devil
that cuts the kids free
from the carrot and stick
routine their family plays

must be some devil
that pulls them away
to a future of uncertainty
while home shrivels up

this devil destroys lives
and leaves the survivors
to clean up the mess
like it belongs to them

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  1. It would be the devil if people believed in the devil or in hell now but few do as we shall see toonight in the first debate as the people’s choices square off and shout.
    If the devil didn’t prompt Americans to pick them, who did. Whatta country!

  2. The devil is in the details making small roocks even smaller; the nitty-gritty if you will. May the lesser of two evils prevail. Mediocre beliefs produce mediocre options it seems.

    1. Hey man, how are you? Haven’t heard from you in a while. Hope all is good. Look forward to reading some of your current material.

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