Racing with the Moon, Barking at Austria. Jambalaya very much.

Overlapping Orange Thought Balloons by Cocteau easily GLAM as volcanic ash whipped-by-the-wind into passionately aeolian contours. And, keeping that in mind: because she went off on the tu form, her second phone call was exponentially more intimate than envisioned. Imagined. BEACH CLOSED. Previously, Austria was a disjunctive of Prussia. And those were dark, dark days. Yet […]

Go Past the Southview Sleep Lab…

Go Past the Southview Sleep Lab/ Down to the End of Graceland and Over to Lamplighter Square Shopping Center Where Tailfeathers Flash White in Flight! by Cocteau And starting in April, on Monday nights, Meadowlark magically becomes a pizzeria, there’s/ glory for ya! During mating season, males sing from the tops of fence posts and […]

Aarrrgh! as Experience

A postmodern artist or writer is in the position of a philosopher: the text he writes, the work he produces are not in principle governed by pre-established rules, and they cannot be fudged according to a determining judgment, by applying familiar categories to the text or to the work. Those rules and categories are what the work of art itself is looking for. –Jean-Francois Lyotard

Texting Spiral Jetties

Them! by cocteau Physics & labia, pocketa-pocketa. G=L=O=R=I=A~ The fascia of every object/ consumes the colour of its adjacent. No event is innate in/[or] its exclusive colour, obviously ever a denunciation of the notion that time is constant or deterministic. O broad panorama! Lush life, expanding deep space, blue hills, vales and/ yes– wild, wild oases/ […]

In Miniature– Sort of a Monster Mash-Up

Plymouth Rocks, the Grey Album by cocteau “All wordz/ belong to all people [‘cept these].” — Marty Esworthy History, c’mon, tell me a story: GAUL! Three parts! Yeah, one part pet rock, two parts, poison-dart. Mais, dans l’obscurité, tous les chats sont gris. … Those flowers in Spring: a search for luv & glory, m-m-m-my […]

When Earth Bathed its Sidewalks in Octobery Chalk Strokes

When Earth Bathed its Sidewalks in Octobery Chalk Strokes by cocteau A chalky, palm-printy arc of the rendering is believed to be the progenitor of a fifteenth-century Milanese labyrinthine-red-on-pink on Oooh-bla-dee. Inky– diffuse, aglow, rotating like June moons around a gentle star. Thus, very like the correspondence of actual to perceived position. Which, if altered […]

By Aeroplane to Iceland

By Aeroplane to Iceland by cocteau She looked down to the tea table, humming. Remembering. All bird songs are learnt within the first month after learning to fly. You always remember where the tiger attacked you. Like cloud-to-cloud lightning. Looking down into the interior was a small air-pressure gauge which pretty much told its own […]