e by Halifax 2.7182818284590452353 least transcendental possible clenched. the left forefinger goes behind the thumb forming a zero unreachable it pinches the index in line with an empty bookcase four tall shelves it has the third one built special to house a priceless wedding album it is a hollow threat overtightened against efforts to steal […]


movement by Halifax Circle of Willis inside there in each of us a halo throbs hidden behind the passing magnetic beat our electric drum pounds out symbols crash there unperturbed sight crosses beneath scent gets passed over by sound hairs under the seat of a lizard tongue here at the point all senses meet converged […]

Letter Form

form letter by Halifax (today’s date) Dear (insert word), Thanks for occurring to me as an option. The possibilities within the meaning and implication (insert word) offers intrigued me as both a poet and a reader. Unfortunately, I will not be including the connotation it implies. (Insert word) does not fit the theme or intention […]


A by Halifax (set against Transfigured Night) the form is three two legs and between it makes plurality by standing apart indicating sound resounding a clarion that is unable to close the note once it is imposed a clamp pinches it in appraisal presiding over a vanishment on how it was before it could have […]