Strict Diet

Strict Diet by J. Crews Though the doctors said no salt, salt was all my father craved. His body bloated, skin water-logged and gray, still he wanted potato chips, honey-baked ham, greasy slabs of Polish sausage from Piekutowski’s. He begged for pepperoni pizza, garlic butter, ribs slathered in sauce. But when I did the shopping, […]

Where Did It Go?

Where Did It Go? by Jeff Dutko Where did it go? The salt of the city that seasoned our conversations and spiked our efforts with exuberance This earthen city, now plain and dry left with only the equivalent of a few hundred nocturnal poems that crawl out of the earth like worms, only in the […]

Finding the Lego

Finding the Lego by Maryann Corbett You find it when you’re tearing up your life, trying to make some sense of the old messes, moving dressers, peering under beds. Almost lost in cat hair and in cobwebs, in dust you vaguely know was once your skin, it shows up, isolated, fragmentary. A tidy little solid. […]

Jonah’s Secret

Jonah’s Secret by Rosemary French Jonah has a magical way Of making a tiny drawer roll out from the wall It’s location is undetectable by even the most trained eye The seams are invisible He brushes a spot on the wall with the back of his hand And a matchbox pops out A hiding place […]