The Hole Story

The Hole Story by Dan Raphael ”Every now and then I know it’s kinda hard to tell but I’m still alive and well” — Johnny Winter (for Mark Sargent) So much treasure in my intestine I knew someone would eventually come looking for it When the mountains shadow spreads like a happy vulture, when the […]

must be the devil

Coefficient of relationship By Halifax must be the devil that slices babies off the cord that attaches mother to their bellies must be the devil that cuts the kids free from the carrot and stick routine their family plays must be some devil that pulls them away to a future of uncertainty while home shrivels […]

Carl and I

Carl and I by Travis Catsull We were waiting for Carl Or at least that’s what I called him Carl arrived and told us we were all fired Said he had to get back As we sat around talking About what we’d do now It was another guy’s turn to bring a loaf of bread […]


Raw by Oscar Smiles Back taters down by the dozen square ol amble hordes The ol -just go to heaven- mirage Let’s not….let’s not assume anything sir Kambuis….excommuni/katydids Hankering for some mudbug And it looks like your expecting Stethoscopic nightmare Sheets covered in blood Didn’t matter Convulsive throwsive Didn’t matter Matters of surrealitude Didn’t matter […]