BLUE RIDGE by Aaron Fagan When I look Into your eyes It’s as though you Are holding on For dear life to A tree’s roots, Dangling above A devastation Of stones below. But you are here With me in bed. And it’s me that’s Drowning, not you. For every problem I’ve a solution that’s Simple, […]

El Dorado

EL DORADO by Aaron Fagan A rat became the unit of currency. —Zbigniew Herbert Seems I must mention, Before it gets too late And I’m told not to, Where the brook falls Out of the woods Into the manicured Conundrum of suburban Blooms and ice cream. Now I’m safe to tiptoe Back away and collapse, […]


REPOUSSÉ by Aaron Fagan There is a chill. The evening light Of this winter Day dissipates as The frost in the Windows grows. Moments pulse by, Pounding the drift Out from behind. A haze of atoms Constitute just as What is practical And what is absurd Slink from view. To the last, nothing Lasts, but […]