Untitled by Beth Cortez-Neavel My thick small fingers trail along your scars. I think: What beauty our bodies become in time – Barely touching and completely consumed by the other – Making each moment. Steeping in our own history. You kiss the stretch marks across my breasts. Dusty lamplight catches your eyes’ gold flecks I […]

Scene: 12

Scene: 12 by Beth Cortez-Neavel Mom doesn’t know I know what it tastes like now. It tastes forbidden. It tastes exciting. It tastes like good dreams. She couldn’t sleep, she said. She doesn’t normally drink before bedtime. She doesn’t normally drink those funny adult-smelling drinks anyway. But, I am twelve and it tastes so smooth; the […]

H&H writer releases first book.

On Breathing & Long Distance includes poems on sex and sarcasm, temerity and tenderness. The words within are both personal and universal, both intimate and brazen. Presented in eight different sections, the poems move from the ‘becoming’ of self through joy, dreams, the different stages of relationships, the fall from grace into sin, and circle […]

Living Unitarian Universalist

Living Unitarian Universalist by Beth Cortez-Neavel This is how it begins, every time: whether I am at a potluck, a club, a bar, or with extended family. Someone ultimately asks me “So, what do you do?” I could answer so many ways. I could say I’m a visual artist; I do these surreal ink drawings […]