Running Water- Modified Sonneizio on a Line from Mong-Lan

Running Water- Modified Sonneizio on a Line from Mong-Lan by Brandon S. Roy red muscular lungs of roots beating hearts of skittish cats yellow tar fish seeking shelter come on reflect like water vice in it’s highest form here how violins steal the background romance and a crime come speak up, who cares? your opinion […]


Cricket by Brandon S. Roy 1 The letters in blood the verses in apple blonde the fences with vines of words from children selected words placed end to end lace magnolias pick a tree still sleepy willows the open ground heart of the land has open to make strikes of a series of pumping hearts […]

savage rain

savage rain by brandon s. roy Everything growing bends in the rain, the grasses slumps in the field,the flowers break,the dirt sags and dips underfoot. It’s painful to watch. Savage rain pounds the land,swinging the trees,sad comment on the animals hiding under the porch. Everything kneels and turns tail in the storm. The rain,the wind,the […]


curves by brandon s. roy This is a ghost house. The haunted place bathe in blinking street light and darkness. A cheap place. The souls of strangers wander through here. Shadows don’t live here. This is a vacant place. The earth has taken this place back and claimed it as its own. Sometimes smoke leaves […]