bacca bubbles manas

bacca bubbles manas by Cerebella saw-hawk-feathers-on-a-flame- while-chugging-an-elixir-as- my-vitreous-moonstone-wand- expelled-the-hell-outta-dysphoric- gravity pissing down on me so very heavily into the mattress i lifted off the mattress and my senses all a’suddenly snapped back into me (face-ears-fingertips- let-us-not-forget-number-six promises-precious-interfering- yet-embraced-as-endearing ) kick it V-^V^V–VV^ kick it —^V-^^V ribbit  ^^- sir-who-collects-the-nothing- gathers-the-victims-puts-out- fires-nevertheless-sir-gets- a-boner-it-is-a-chronic-life- &i says to him […]


cookie by Cerebella bugs, the balance beam, ominous and easy to draw. fornication used car pillar of salt numbers avoidable disturbances to take care of. highways are nice, the weather helps. green is touching, rainforest daydream. the air, the air the air. my tree is kali, note her eye, see her long time flashlight beam, […]