The Hole Story

The Hole Story by Dan Raphael ”Every now and then I know it’s kinda hard to tell but I’m still alive and well” — Johnny Winter (for Mark Sargent) So much treasure in my intestine I knew someone would eventually come looking for it When the mountains shadow spreads like a happy vulture, when the […]

Why they call this March when the doors are mostly sleeping

Why they call this March when the doors are mostly sleeping by Dan Raphael Texture not a knee blanket or furnace fog in a valley seen from above night’s not always colder Learning to inhale mouthless my brains menagerie pileated, sharp-shinned, rufous the sky inside, digestive rush hour Cleft chin, 3rd eye, butterfly scar my […]

The Months

The Months By Linda Pastan January Contorted by wind, mere armatures for ice or snow, the trees resolve to endure for now, they will leaf out in April. And I must be as patient as the trees— a winter resolution I break all over again, as the cold presses its sharp blade against my throat. […]

Science Sonnet 1

Science Sonnet 1 by Dan Raphael self-impressed enough to go one step further, a thousand feet higher, i never saw calves like that, lavaic bubbles inside a quiet volcano skipping along the waves of imaginary traffic: no cars but beasts that used to or never have, from renaissance to reconnaissance to reckoning, the ring of […]


Foreground by Dan Raphael As if the background is jittery & the subjects hearts arent beating, a vibratory stillness like a traffic jam inside an antenna cause what is metal if not an urban core traffic jam where the cars have been still so long we begin to remodel the interiors, add shelves and seating […]