Spiritual Hush

Spiritual Hush by Gene Defcon Jealousy congeals within the stable Swifter, surer-footed, and more worthy Specimens paw the brittle earth Pointed huffs and neighs zing Like daggers towards the favorite Donner menaces Leers in his direction Cowed Rudolph unsuccessfully strains To conceal the ridiculous glow Blitzen rears and threatens The tension crests Starts to shatter […]

Theories on Galactic Conquest, Part One

Theories on Galactic Conquest, Part One by Gene Defcon In the 900,000 year history Of the human race We have yet to be invaded By a race of hot dog-like Warrior beings from another planet Some scientists speculate It is because of our perfectly-shaped-for- Hot-dog-shredding mandibles, or Our ideal-for-gripping-hot-dog shaped hands But, really, who puts […]

Old Shreve

Old Shreve by Gene Defcon Young hobos are dangerously ignorant Of common-law East-Texas train terminology – Such as “Old Shreve” – For the 10:45 out of Shreveport Those dipshits Usually call it the “10:45” !! Even though there is also a 10:45 Out of Dayton That comes ’round mornings Before they’ve woke their asses up

Pen Poem

pen poem by gene defcon I cover my hands with disgusting pens It feels good to clinch and unclinch Beneath this mountain Every movement sends dirty pens Cascading down and the mountain grows wider To place more pens on the top I must use my mouth Most of the pens are covered in a crust […]