must be the devil

Coefficient of relationship By Halifax must be the devil that slices babies off the cord that attaches mother to their bellies must be the devil that cuts the kids free from the carrot and stick routine their family plays must be some devil that pulls them away to a future of uncertainty while home shrivels […]


e pluribus unium by Halifax there are wars but not peaces we oversleep not sleep in conflict is broken into shared pieces reciprocated in kind until a full spread has been laid out peace is portrayed in a field waving like a picnic blanket shaken free of crumbs our keepsake flag obscured by smoke the […]

once was lost

By: Halifax the search party once was lost became twice when once revisited to form a habit in denial of being single once again there is no going back to when there was one since one is seen at a distance similar to your own and the empathy found in seeing yourself in another’s shoes […]


By: Halifax 100 30 7 A pattern found across the outcome made time for room entering the room with time aplenty propositions a matrix looking for change the pattern plays upon the matrix both gasp to live this life to death connoitering together they follow the example set up after the fact The pattern makers […]

Wicked smile

bridgework by: Halifax The divisions of Heaven from Hell grow from gums flapping While language learning a practice set comes in primitive understandings not meant to last forever Mature teeth are crowned with mouthfuls of silver Some lost as babies that will never return Biting words mime to us wisdom from outside like there is […]


dogs are barking By Halifax Promises after aglets on our laces go missing their ties intertwine gnarled bramble till they twist to pair gathered nests laying cockleburs inside matted felt Choices knotted ends prevent further fraying lest additional losses become regular snips to free thorn seed hitching rides out roughneck fields wandered past Commitments pony […]

The Waiter

Hilltop Diner By Halifax Bring me my drink Be quick about it Don’t bother jawing about daily specials I know what I want only one reason to truck it up here in the first place You will bring me clinking tiles of ice suspended in the bitter fullness of time; a tea both sun-brewed and […]

Betsy really real

Stranded on the Island of Reil by: Halifax Do you read me? Over? Again… Betsy; this is Heaven’s distress message sent to seekers on crystal sets searching out weak signals propagating amongst themselves Received loud and clear I’ll patch you in once the body checks brain patterns for similar differences Do you copy? Betsy you […]