(B)anality by Jim Benz I. First Cycle A bearded tongue. II. Second Cycle Accept it as it is. A centered emptiness. III. Third Cycle A child was born. A circular space. A couple of nice outfits. IV. Fourth Cycle A defiled expression. A disembodied head. Aesthetic qualities. A false terminology. A few days later. V. […]

Wide ranges of correspondence

Wide ranges of correspondence by Jim Benz an erotic compulsion a prolonged moistening beautifully expressed crawling up walls mad, androgynous, ecstatic musical symbolism and mathematics the brain chemists the familiar strutting posture the Land rumbling the microcosms and the macrocosms the myth of invariance the option of multiple fates through word of mouth transparent and […]


Bacchanalia by jim benz When in heaven they said Hell. Was it hell for them. Once they said Oyster. We countered with Foie Gras Mousse. Can you smile for appearance sake. Are we dignified and merry. Have they the proper understanding. “Ascending pure, the bell-like fame.” Our place in life. Who wields the shovel And […]


Buk-ku by jim benz one tooth missing when she smiles — another morning *** naked and drunk on a flop house bed — happy for the bed *** the feel of you our bodies sloshing together in a filthy room *** filled with blood and the screaming outside my throbbing temples *** watching from behind […]