Three Quick Lines

Three Quick Lines by John Bennett Each day I stroke three quick lines across the top of the page on a yellow pad along the fold the already-folded-back pages makes and then I lunge into my daily outburst of wounded love, whacky assessments, prophecies, pleas and pleasantries. I’ve been at it for god help me […]

Being of Use

Being of Use by John Bennett I’m not a sports fan. I’m not a history buff. I’m not a religious man or keen on retirement. I don’t accumulate trivia, I don’t collect stamps or exotic feathers. I cut my losses, plan things while appearing to be idle. I wander around with my hands clasped behind […]

Mature Love

Mature Love by John Bennett Hello, I love you, won’t you tell me your name? Or at least give me your phone number. Maybe I’m moving a little fast. Maybe you’re alarmed & about to call the police. Don’t do it. I can’t handle any more hard time. Unless you promise to write. Accept collect […]