juggle jungle

juggle jungle by Meghan Tennison make up your mind, mindless mindreader wake up your kindness mr highness chatter-toothed skinchew cunning tonguetie thick hide hiding all harm done face fume hot head heat rash trashed armoire, trashy flashy memoirs firecracker fire-escapee storm-scented funny fight for forceful focus sleepy sunlight ablaze with bliss rock/a/bye boat race erased […]

you're so beautiful, even the people you disrespect love you anyway.

you’re so beautiful, even the people you disrespect love you anyway. by Meghan Tennison oh dear my jaw is acting up, it’s so excited to speak with you i love burrowing to the heart of your matter you’re sanctifying, like a holy statue burning through space it must be 30 degrees bird couplets tweeting across […]

giddiness handcuffs my willpower.

giddiness handcuffs my willpower. by Meghan Tennison i’m your stumbling sidewalk litter on the wrong side of the road tripping over dead lawns crashing through frozen mud fooled by glazed eyes beautiful distraction ravenous burden coveting forgotten insight overfeeding limitations assuming the next possible outcome hunting down each breath square 4 life, we don’t accept […]

it should be acceptable

it should be acceptable by meghan tennison it should be acceptable to hand affection to everyone. i enjoy cleansing my friends with massages while conversing. why be particular and money-fearing? to never taste debt erase necessary evils? all day i couldn’t hear what they were saying, only my own thoughts. both parties would struggle-squeezing tangible […]