Dream Plated Towne

Dream Plated Towne by Pat A Physics It is so good, the things we dream in our perfect leisure towns that haven’t broken under terrible plastic hoof prints. Spreading our hands wide for the millions of cocoa seeds that presume destinies of virgin esophagus dermal properties. Ben Franklin is pumping his fist into the air […]


Loony by Pat A Physics Interview in a meatlocker with trolley rails on the ceilings makes my breath visible.  We have frost bitten coughing fits amid the quiet ribaldry of the tankerman as he rubs his eyes. The sandbags, which have an unfortunate smell permeating their pinkish vicinities, pooch out around the base of a […]

Bared Nemesis

Bared Nemesis by Pat A Physics Upside down, in a time capsule, forgotten, we journey through the creases of private, yellowing love letters. Tobogganing between swails of painterly ideals in an effort to clean up the dissipated dreamscapes of our minds, our eyes fall onto the snow-shovel and get to work. We are charged with […]

Place and Body

Place and Body by Pat A Physics Return to where you grew up and find it changed. She’s a cocktail waitress at a chain-chicken-wing pub and he’s a depressed, pot-smoking engineer wasting his potential at the off-license. They had an early bright patch with school and the small-town party scene. There’s the rock wall that […]