LET’S BUNGLE by Randall Nicholas On the haunches of prevarication spring for what happens in this morsel of a jungle we call home, no light but instinct under its shrugging canopy a little brownnosing won’t help bristle our backsides, calculate by our guts’ galaxy the other’s countermoves amongst the shoots and high rises, creepers and […]

Mercurial management

Mercurial management by Randall Nicholas Mercurial management: how to make more Out of a foot-tired, rhyme-assaulted brain, Wrench new reflection from a frosted mirror, Circle back to head off where the rabbit ran. Six-hundred episodes in a perfect pile, Dust on the dictionary, thesaurus, J.B. Hunt Intermodal headed soul- Searching into the eastern phosphorous Ferry […]


GLASS PIGS by Randall Nicholas Glass pigs spun taut around our heads to let go in thin air shatter our perception of correction in corners of the earth repulsing rebound where mercy stands unorthodox and kindness sits imponderable as stout supports of temples of prosperity whose circuits of interdigitated quartz disdain the pink radiance of […]

the black

the black by Randall Nicholas the black perches on a naked branch then on your eyelid tenderly not terribly twinkling first with the chatoyancy of twilight then deepening to lusterless obsidian neither hard nor opaque rather fathomless yet not abysmal clairvoyant as a spring secreting from the deep you shall in turn learn to see […]