lightfollow home

lightfollow home by shannon baker lightfollow home to sit in a bookbox stacking take a bit of breath along to eat with. weigh the water as icegrass melting with push precision the drop drags all the way down. urgent dare. untie the mirror knot in your head rewinds an action. remains, what did will revive […]

a sail of calm

a sail of calm by Shannon Baker a sail of calm, smacking still inside my skin. one breath, another. organized, soft. i feel ok. walking easily thru the aisles. better much better, oh yes certainly all better now. a clear night. the tremor of approaching tomorrows. somewhere, a tiny, twitching smirk.

blearily loping

blearily loping by Shannon Baker blearily loping toward a gleaming, grand indifference gratitude signalcrossed smashbroken into, midsentence, bent over and back, but still singing out questions. striking self onward, shapeless and wondering whether or not. and how. where and which backhanded way.


bricklayer by Shannon Baker bricklayer lays himself down upon his body. builds a better way out. flapnasty foliage, orbital dirt. space dust come to rest and we sucking fruitmeat on some perching-porch. airing out our animal, lest film-filthy flesh be left to rot. it’s difficult though, this business of wasting. it only leaves me wanting […]

the water

the water by Shannon Baker the water over a fall easy enough, that’s how it went down. just slipping, eyepairs away after a hold, a sort of handshake, supposed simple, restless, the slap-up sound of stray neurons grope-grabbing, all the air that got in the way. i remember him saying, “i believed you knew and […]


NEXT-DOOR LIPSTICK VIDEOGAME GIRLFRIEND. by Shannon Baker at the sixteenth birthday party there was lacrosse, cheesecake treehouse, beach-hat and lots of board game rhetoric nothing conversational had yet been type-set. implanted was more like it. then fourteen in the restaurant a bad word choice surfaced in the icecream dish first-time things began as comes every […]