Spøgelse by Shawn Misener You’re a ghost fondling the ghosts of things like they matter, like trumpets with spit in their mouthpieces you are lonely, a lonely ghost, the saddest part about you is that you have no future, the movements you make are presently looped from great moments in the past, locked and loaded, […]


Catch-539 by Shawn Misener He liked to imagine that his skin was made of glass and never to be touched. He left his subterranean apartment only for cigarettes and microwavable meals. He read and re-read a dogeared copy of Catch-22 until all of the pages fell out, and from those yellowed pages he glued together […]


33 by Shawn Misener Instead of careening into a mid-life crisis I found myself thinned out and spiraling through a neon pharmacy sign. You all wished me well and I never looked back. There were aliens hovering over the apartment complex and strange men taking photos then running away before I could catch them, but […]