Weak Bonds

Weak Bonds by Smokey Farris The weak bonds that once broke buttons bounce suddenly off cold remedies and Bahrain memories from the burning palms to the bloody beach towels and the orange blossoms that used to cling to your hair. Now the bump and bounce of the hot poop night clubs dance to the circadian […]

The Galtard Feed

The Galtard Feed by Smokey Farris The Galtard feed, holy upper ionosphere. Fragrant weeds and flowers line the seashore. Fish and seahorse alike try to nab them. With dreams and means of catching. They wave and wilt, worry high and secretive. Staring into hypnotic secrecy and fathoms Of deep fives, and day of days torture.

Lie Prone

Lie Prone by Smokey Farris 1. Lie prone and relax your back. Wear an evening gown first. Wear a spider ring from the Halloween before last year. Caress your breast with talc. Dry your eyes with opium smoke and crumble the remains of the cheese. I want to lay down with you. And go through […]