flight of the blue balloon

flight of the blue balloon by softserve I released my balloon into the air–the colour of the sky–when you looked it square in the eye, your pupils reflected shiny and black off off its smooth latex surface–it soared, my balloon, sliced the sky, until a balloon fashioned into a rac- coon sprang upon it.  When one marks with a sharpie […]

if i was a robot

if i was a robot by softserve If I was a robot     I’d self-destruct     everyday before breakfast     and after lunch     I’d reconstruct myself and I’d whisper to myself     at the table     several times in a row     the word love over and over until it started to click     until something clicked and then I’d turn myself […]


Naked by softserve When I was a child I often quietly worried that everyone was an alien and I was the only real person on earth. My family, my friends And each casual acquaintance Was an alien in disguise. I never let my guard down, Just in case. Sometimes I felt that God had chosen […]