CHERRY by Ken Williams Eighteen years old isn’t old enough. We aren’t old enough to make life and death decisions. Nor are we old enough to understand the mysterious ways of the unknowns of the universe. And how will I handle combat? Where will I find strength in the face of death? These thoughts rumble […]


DAVID IN LOVE by Ruth Z Deming He lay on the sofa in his briefs, watching his belly rise up and down. He’d hung up his blue cop uniform in the bedroom of his small apartment in Bristol, Pennsylvania, and felt the cool breeze filter in through the window. He took a small sip from […]


Butch by D George Gawlik 1. Butch poured himself another two fingersful of whiskey. The front door of the house was still gently swinging on its hinges where Jeannie had left it open. Butch looked at it impassively, but the question still nagged him. Why? Why had he hit her? It was just a slap, […]

The Baby Mind

The Baby Mind by Shane Jesse Christmass In 1974, when indoor smoking wasn’t pillory then, in the train corridor, the tufts smelt of Nanna Magee’s stale smokes, like a hive-mind of melting dysentery, drinking charcoal that the nurses would eventually give to Edmond Magee. Edmond didn’t know if it was the last time he would […]