Falling Asleep Reading Baudelaire's Une Charogne

Falling Asleep Reading Baudelaire’s Une Charogne By Joe Cloyd It was a morning in June, Remember? At the bend of the gravel Path… You were Horrified. I remember that deathly stench. The evening news said That someone cut that woman Into 7 pieces, but we Didn’t know that then. We just saw A human leg, […]

Barely the Minority?

Barely the Minority? By Joe Cloyd They’ll watch tv like blind dogs… Buy lottery tickets Listen to the same old songs… And bitch about taxes under The compulsion of stingy despair… and piss Away their coins in slot machines As they piss themselves… Bitter Yet enjoying their bitterness. Hopeless Yet functioning despite their hopelessness. Absurd […]

I like simple things

I like simple things by Hanna Elson Greenpoint, Brooklyn, after the fire,walking among men, unaware of the lonely.There is a crack, meters wide,putting pause in the long wall against the bay. Wesat there, a wide distance between us,fishing for trout. Pauses in the silence were short, satisfactory.Our parents couldn’t take us seriouslywhen they tried. The […]